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Magna Mòra by Ugolini Vini: It is not a wine for old men"!

i Vini della Valpolicella Magna Mora

Paraphrasing the famous film "No Country for Old Men", based on the 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy, Magna Mòra represents a true generational leap in the way of approaching wine. It goes beyond the formality of labels and is closer to a younger, more instinctive public that seeks enjoyment in simplicity and essentiality.

A motion of ideas that runs through the new generations like a tsunami and seeks truth, sustainability and substantiality in all products. Magna Mòra speaks to young people with an instant, direct stylistic language. It is a message of more casual pleasure and elegance that speaks of genuine land.

The return of the farmers

With Magna Mòra the countryman returns to the glass; the history, tradition and thousand-year-old culture of the Valpolicella winemakers are back. It is not a stylistic setback, but a revival of the uniqueness of an original style that accompanied these territories when oenological technique was still essential.

Magna Mòra breaks out of the schemes and, if it was a musical genre, it could be the country blues of Bob Dylan's guitar, early Depeche Mode's new wave electro rock, Nirvana's grunge essential chords or, to come to the present day, an angry flow from Kendrick Lamar.

To understand Magna Mòra you don't need to be a professional taster: the key lies in the awareness and disillusioned approach that only the new generation can best express. This is the difference with Ugolini's iconic wines.

Magna Mòra towards Damp drinking

The trend of the moment that is currently raging especially on the social networks of Millennials and Generation Z is dump drinking. In a nutshell, it could be viewed as an evolution of the "less is more" mentality that has been part of the 21st century lifestyle for a few years now. Now, the hashtag #damplifestyle has more than 42 million views on TikTok.

Magna Mòra approaches this trend towards a more aware consumption of wine, not only from a quantitative point of view but, above all, with a focus on the alcohol component and the health factor. Besides health, saving money is also a key factor: about half of those involved in damp drinking identified saving money as the main reason.



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