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Nestled in the Valle di Fumane, a bastion of Valpolicella, where the gaze is shaped by the hills and the anthropomorphic charm of nature, our ancestors' thoughts resonate within the echo of the earth.

The roots of Ugolini Vini delve deep into the soil. Sprouting from the Tuscan heritage of father Angelo and the Austro-Hungarian legacy of mother Ada, they flourish in the heart of the Valle di Fumane within the Classic Valpolicella region, where the Ugolini siblings were born: Davide, Tiziano, Stefania, and Giambattista.

1600 – 1979

La famiglia Leonhard coltiva le pregiate vigne cittadine e quelle nella piana di Vienna, producendo vino per l’Imperatore del Sacro Romano Impero.

Ugolini vessillo

The Family Crest


Perched atop Colle San Michele, overlooking our esteemed winery, stands a venerable eight-century-old Romanesque parish church adorned with frescoes that tell tales of bygone eras. One particular image catches the eye: the depiction of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, her robe adorned with half lilies.

The refined beauty of this fresco inspired the design of our emblem: the two half lilies gracing Saint Catherine's robes in the traditional Veronese paintings symbolize the Ugolini family and the sacred allure of our land.

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