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Book an incredible experience to discover the region

Valpolicella Classica

through tastings, excursions, music, history, and wine culture.

Our Offers


Hospitality is the shared experience of a fortunate place, a unique corner of the world, a land expressed in meticulous nuances by the wine that represents it.


Perched atop the hill of Bure, amidst a picturesque amphitheater of vineyards punctuated by cherry trees, olive groves, fig trees, and cypresses, Villa San Michele stands as a gracefully renovated ancient farmhouse. Its charming porch and expansive terrace warmly welcome guests, inviting them to the experience of Ugolini wine tastings and excursions in a vibrant context of artistic and natural beauty.


Villa San Michele welcomes you for a guided tasting of all the products bearing the Ugolini signature:  three identity wines.


Visit the San Michele cru on foot to experience the vineyard where our Superiors are born up close. This will be followed by a guided tour of Villa San Michele and the Il Mondo di Ugolini tasting, enriched exclusively by the Vini del Privilegio.


Visit our organic vineyard Pozzetto, where it all began.
Afterward, enjoy a tour of the production cellar and indulge in the wine tasting experience "The World of Ugolini".

History of Appassimento

Limited dates: unlock the secrets of Appassimento (grape drying), an age-old tradition yielding the distinctive Amarone wine, exclusively in November and December.

Millenary Valpolicella

New! Embark on an unparalleled guided trekking adventure through Santa Maria Valverde, unveiling over 2000 years of Valpolicella history.

A complete tasting experience will await you at Villa San Michele upon return


The grand Opera tradition meets Valpolicella wines. Taste all Ugolini wines paired with the most beautiful opera arias, narrated and performed live, to immerse yourself in Italian art and beauty.

The Romanesque Valpolicella

New! Follow our guided tour to discover centuries of popular traditions and ancient architectures: the parish churches of San Floriano and San Giorgio conceal corners of rare beauty.

Followed by a tasting at Villa San Michele.

Valle Alta trekking

A morning discovering the Valle di Fumane area and our most beautiful and inaccessible vineyard, Valle Alta, where our Amaroni Valle Alta are born, tasted in different historic vintages upon returning to Villa San Michele.

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