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Eleonora: Passion and professionalism

Eleonora che beve vino ugolini

Doing wine tourism today is no longer enough and Eleonora is the perfect example. She joined the Ugolini team about a year ago and, together with Marica, takes care of the clients, leading them through tastings and welcoming them to the fascinating world of Valpolicella.

Since childhood, she has been passionate about everything that concernes grapes and their nectar. She began studying oenology at the Istituto Tecnico Enologico di San Floriano and then specialised in the field, graduating from the University of Verona.

Valpolicella is my destiny

"I was born among the vineyards and olive groves of an old estate in Valpolicella and have always savoured its scents and colours. The world of wine has always fascinated me and coming to Ugolini was a great chance as it allowed me to further deepen my knowledge of both Valpolicella wine and its land, of which I have always been a part.

I feel like an ambassador of my area and that is simply amazing. I am also lucky enough to do this from a special place that gives out a charm and beauty that is breathtaking: Villa San Michele".

How to make a wine cellar tour unique

"Attention to customer satisfaction", says Eleonora, "is the distinctive element of a top-quality service. In this way, the knowledge and oenological background that I have gained through my studies enhances the pleasure of those who visit the winery.

Many people, despite not being specialists or in any case not working in the sector, curiously seek to learn more about the meaning of terroir and, above all, wine-making practices and tasting techniques. This is a plus that I am able to offer visitors and which, combined with an outstanding location, allows their excitement to explode into the long-awaited WOW!".

From the “Hill of Rabbits” to the Hill of San Michele

To tell the story of Eleonora's hobbies, we would like to paraphrase Richard Adams' wonderful book 'The Hill of Rabbits' dated 1972. A life divided between her breeding of rabbits and the hill where the Villa of the Ugolini Estates is located.

"I have a boundless passion for animals! In addition to keeping pet rabbits, I love the world of horses and, after having practised show jumping for nine years, today I relax by riding my friend's horses in her stable".

Eleonora leads the cellar tours with a lot of passion, trying to give another powerful element that characterises her: her glowing smile!



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